About Us

 Virtual Emergency Hospital is built by the international medical relief department of Japanese Red Cross Osaka Hospital.

 Our department is the unique department in the hospital which is specializing in humanitarian activities for any humanitarian crises like disasters, conflicts, population movements both inside and outside Japan.

 We focus on information sharing and publicity. The main two reasons are here;

・All of our activities are supported by various individual or companies donors, and what we can feedback is the introduction of our activities or information sharing of our knowledge or skills we got on the field.

・These kinds of humanitarian activities are respectively very unique, therefore, considering the development of the quality of activities, information sharing is critical.

 We have no doubt from the above that except for the private information or information restricted from other authorities concerned, we try to let anyone access and get our knowledge, experience, skills, and information easily and freely.

Masaharu NAKADE, Director, International Medical Relief Department

International Medical Relief, Japanese Red Cross Osaka Hospital
〒543-8555 5-30, Fudegasaki-cho, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
TEL +81-6-6774-5030
E-mail :  imr@osaka-med.jrc.or.jp