Weight 1.72 t, Volume 7.91 M3

Tent6 x 13.7m
Rofi OMEGA607
TentQuick tent 3x6m1pcs
Tent, for SatelliteMain tent and 2 half graound sheets
Gargage box90L2pcs
Electric pot1pcs
Felt tip penBlack2pcs
Felt tip penBlack8pcs
Felt tip penWhite2pcs
Felt tip penWhite8pcs
Pen, ball pointBlack10pcs
Pen, ball pointBlack40pcs
Garbage plastic bag10pcs/pack, 90L2pack
Whiteboard120×60cm, foldable2pcs
Eraser, for whiteboard1pcs
Lid, Garbage box40.5x51.5cm2pcs
Clampfor wooden box200pcs
Garden light12pcs/set, Solar battery4set
Nail38mm, 1kg1pack
Nail65mm, 1kg1pack
Drill bit set1set
Screw 5x16mm, 70pcs/set1set
Screw4x40mm, 60pcs/set1set
Stake, for net10pcs/set12set
Fencing net, area boundarySN Net 1050(Sanei Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.)green 50m5roll
WagonWithstand load 100kg5pcs
RulerFoldable, 2m1pcs
Level gauge1pcs
Crime tape50mm x 50m30pcs
Reflective tape20mm x 10m20pcs
Hose pipe bridgeW300xD380xH70mm20pcs
Measure13mm x 50m2pcs
Wire cutter1pcs
Trolley, 4 wheels90x60cm3pcs
WagonWithstand load 100kg5pcs
Baloon lightLED Baloon lihgt, max 110,000 lumen1pcs
Baloon lightLED Baloon lihgt, max 110,000 lumen1pcs
Baloon lightLED Baloon lihgt, max 110,000 lumen1pcs
Electric screw driver12.5pcs/bag2pcs
Trolley, two wheelsWithstand load 250kg1pcs
Hand pallet truck52pcs/bag1pcs
LAN cable connecter10pcs
OA CLEANER, wet70 sheets 2pcs
HOOK, S shapedservice load: 0.1kN, total length: 100mm mass: 21g20pcs
INK CARTRIDGE, for portable printer (colour)15pcs
INK CARTRIDGE, for multifunction printer (y)Yellow15pcs
INK CARTRIDGE, for multifunction printer ( c)Cyan15pcs
INK CARTRIDGE, for multifunction printer (m)Magenta15pcs
INK CARTRIDGE, for multifunction printer (b)Black20pcs
KEYBOX w/ 20 KEYHOLDERSTanabe Steel Co., Ltd. CamLock Disk Cylinder, equivalent to Key Box 0C-20, with 20 keyholders1pcs
White board eraser060418, white6pcs
Tray for documentLC113A, white1pcs
Switching hub262×184×41mm2pcs
CONNECTOR3 mouth 15A125V10pcs
KEY, for ERU white boxes50pcs
BINDER CLIP, 25mm width, box of 10box of 1040pcs
FILE BOX, A4width 94mm, blue10pcs
CLIP for papers, box of S:500,L100small:500/big:1002pcs
ERASER drywipe for whiteboardwith magnet4pcs
Magnet, round, medium20mm 6pcs white, 20mm 6pcs red, 20mm 6pcs blue, 20mm 6pcs yellow24pcs
HANGER, for lantern27×3cm 110g load withstanding: 3.5kg 2pcs
PAPER PUNCH, 2 holes, capacity 20 sheets, with guide1pcs
PADLOCK, 3numbers w/ wirecable diameter: 1.45mm cable length: 125cm 3 digit dial type (free setting)10pcs
KEY, for ERU white boxesaccessories to white container box(S, M, L, SP universal key)20pcs
DC12V-AC100V inverterDC12-AC100V
for Japanese product
DC24V-AC100V inverterDC24V-AC100V
for overseas product
DC12/24V-AC100V inverterDC12-AC100V
for Japanese product
DC12/24V-AC100V inverterDC12V-AC230V
for overseas product
Daypackback・shoulder belt urethan5pcs
ERASER dual ink/pencil5pcs
Drawing pad24pcs, single3pcs
PAD NOTES, A6, 100 sheetsA6 100 sheets20pcs
PLASTIQUE FOLDERS FOR ID CARDS (>90x72mm)10/set, card size: 97X69mm, string length: 90cm, string width: 10mm5set
Name TagPAPER FOR ID CARDS, 90x72mm、same material as a business card, plain
A4 10 sections, box of 10
OA CLEANER, dry1XCD-ROM lens cleaner, 1X3.5inch cleaning disk, 1Xdisk cleaning liquid, 5Xmouse cleaning stick, 1Xtweezer, 1Xmouse cleaning liquid, 10Xwet tissue, 20Xwiping cloth, 1Xvacuum cleaner1set
Battery, size Dset of 4, 10 year warranty1set
Battery, size AAset of 12, 10 year warranty1set
Battery, size AAset of 2, 10 year warranty1set
FLUORESCENT LIGHT2sets (2pairs/1set) for one tent8set
FLUORESCENT LIGHT2sets (2pairs/1set) for one tent4set
Pen, Felt tip, set, whiteboard, pocket of 4 coloursblack/red/green/blue10set
LAMINATING Film, ID Cards-A3300 sheets/set1set
First Aid setcontents: triangle cloth, gauze, oil sheet (2), expandable bandage, expandable bandage (2), surgical cotton (5g), first-aid band-aid (10), paper band-aid, cotton bud (10), scissors, pincette with tweezer5set
DRIVERbox of 111box
Glovesfree size5pair
INK CARTRIDGE, for portable printer (black)Black15pcs
PRINTER, hp, multifunction1pcs
WALKING MEASURING WHEEL 1000mtotal length: 105cm memory: 0.0m measuring range: 0.01m~1000m(1km)1pcs
Paper shredderblue, A4                                            
Input width: A4=220mm CD=123mm card=86mm
STAMP PAD, Blackblack1pcs
STAMP PAD, Redred1pcs
DISPENSER for adhesive tapeblue1pcs
TESTERsize; 95W×141H×39D mm, 280g test lead L9207-30×1, spare fuse×1, size AA manganese battery (R6P)×2, manual×1, carrying case 9390×11pcs
CalculatorCasio JF-120GT 12digits 3pcs
Transformerrating capacity: 1500VA weight: 11.5kg (230V>115V)3pcs
Wireless ROUTER1pcs
Projecterprojection method: DLP pixel: WXGA(1280×800) brightness: 3200 lumen projection distance: 60 inch:2~2.19m display size: 60~300 type zoom lens: 1.1 times 283*95*222mm 1.9kg power consumption: max 280W power source: AC100~240V 50/60Hz1pcs
Whiteboard600x900mm 1pcs
Meggernew JIS Certified 4 range (125V250V/500V/1000V) analog insulated ohm meter with hand switch probe

lead with hand switch L9788-11 ×1 , carrying case C0100 ×1 , manual×1, size AA alkali bettery (LR6) ×4
LAMINATING MACHINElaminator: 496×148×100mm trans: 160×185×160mm1pcs
KIT, BGAN EXPLORER T&T 700, fix, with accessories1pcs
EXTERNAL USB HDD DRIVE, 320GBmore than 500GB・USB3.0 connection 
crashproof, waterproof
Table, for officesize:(approx) W120×D60×H68/35cm
container size:(approx) W64.5×D64.5×H8.5cm
Air conditionercooling capacity:4.4kw heating capacity:5.56kw power source:100V single phase weight:56.7hg1pcs
CALCULATOR, Pocket size solar power10 digits1pcs
CHAIR, FOLDABLE, ARMCHAIR, canvas seat and backWithstand load 100kg1pcs
CHAIR, FOLDABLE, ARMCHAIR, canvas seat and backWithstand load 100kg3pcs
ELECTRICAL FAN230V schuko plug(C type side earth) B280×H283×T212mm1pcs
Trolley, 4 wheelsload bearing: 200kg,
no stopper, caster diameter: 100mm
CLOCKφ381×40mm 1.2kg1pcs
Bibsfree size, side rubber, white10pcs
Stickyyellow, 76×101mm2pcs
Stickygreen, 75×75mm2pcs
FLEXstainless soldering use, 100g1box
Staplesbox of 1000 12box
BANDS, 150mmbox of 100 width 3.6mm×150mm weather resistance 3box
BANDS, 300mmbox of 100 width 4.8mm×300mm max. bundle: 85Φ3box
BANDS, 75mmbox of 100, width: 2.4mm×75mm weather resistance3box
FLAG Red Cross,LL 133x195cm, LL2pcs
FLAG Red Cross,small, 0.8x1.2m w/ rope80x120cm, Large2pcs
FLAG Red Cross,Custom-made140x210cm ,Custom-made1pcs
Extension Cable 4 socketsISA-125V(1500W) 5pcs
EXTENSION CABLE, 6 sockets6 mouth table tap supporting high-voltage15pcs
EXTENSION CABLE, 6 socketsVCT・WPS、6 universal outlets5pcs
GLUE, stick for paper10g5pcs
ANTI-THEFT WIRE, for laptop19pcs
SCISSORSblue 34-896 2pcs
Rope, polypropylene, 300mMiyajima ES-301, 50x300mn 2pcs
Strings, hemp2mm, 100m1pcs
Hook, S-shaped, small-20pcs
Pen, ball pointBWBT-300 clear10pcs
PEN, ball point black1.0mm12pcs
PEN, ball point red1.0mm12pcs
White board marker, black111mm markers with a cap12pcs
Marker, thick, blackYYT5-BK1pcs
Marker, thick, redYYT5-R1pcs
Marker, thick, blueYYT5-BL1pcs
Marker, thick, greenYYT5-LG1pcs
Marker, 8-color setMC8C,8 color set1pcs
Marker, fine, blackBlack6pcs
RULER 30cmRecycled PET plastic2pcs
MaglightLED 2Xsize D battery, continuous lighting hour: 100 hours1pcs
MAGNETS for white boardred/yellow/blue/white2pcs
PEN, SET, HIGHLIGHTER, 4 coloursyellow/pink/green/blue/orange4pcs
GLUE,hardening time: 30 minute, tube, pale yellow,  170mL2pcs
Flash lightwith battery,battery life:approx 70 hours(Panasonic EVOLTA)accessory:3 EVOLTA size AA batteries5pcs
Ropefracture tensional force:approx 6,300kg at shrinking:approx 2m at streching:approx 4m substance/material:rope:polyester/hook:medium carbon steel accessory:white flag  total vehicle weight:3t5pcs
Shovelat folding: 28.5×13×6cm, at spreading: 47×13×5cm(approx)630g two sets of shovels in two types, big and small
easily able to change its top according to intended use
GLUE, rapidbonding time: 5 second content: 2g blister pack2pcs
GLUE, epoxy 2 componentsepoxy resin which begins hardening 5 minutes after mixture  each 25g hardening time: 1 hour 2 liquid mixture type color: translucence pallor main material, pale yellow translucence hardener mass: 40g2pcs
GLUE, for woods180g2pcs
MARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, black 1.1mm10pcs
MARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, blueblue2pcs
MARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, redred10pcs
MARKER PEN, permanent, medium size, greengreen2pcs
TAPE, ADHESIVE, canvas reinforced, 50mmx50m roll50mm×50m10roll
Tape, Adhesive, transparent,15㎜×35m10roll
LABEL MAKER TAPE, MAGNET, WHITE, 12mm, black letters18㎜×1.5m2roll
LABEL MAKER TAPE, RED, 12mm, black letters12㎜×8m2roll
LABEL MAKER TAPE, WHITE, 12mm, black letters12㎜×8m5roll
LABEL MAKER TAPE, WHITE, 12mm, blue letters12㎜x8m2roll
LABEL MAKER TAPE, WHITE, 12mm, red letters12㎜×8m2roll
Tape adhesive, brown for packing50mm×25m5roll
MEASURING TAPE, 5m19mm-5.5m 1roll
CORRECTION TAPE5mm*26m 3roll
TAPE, ADHESIVE, Japanese RC logo, 50mm roll5roll
CD rewritable 700MB10pcs
STICKER IFRCIFRC specification20pcs
STICKER IFRCIFRC specification20pcs
Notepad, A4-15pcs
Drawing paperpack of 20 sheets white400pcs
Health Card, Adults-1500pcs
Plastic bag for Health Card20X30cm1500pcs
Paper holderblue5pcs
PAPER A4, white, print-copy, ream of 500500 sheets/bundle10pcs
Bag plastic, for waste 45L, WhitePack of 10bags 0.025mm thin50pcs
Bag plastic, for waste 70L, WhitePack of 10bags 0.03mm thin20pcs
Bag plastic, for waste 45L, BlackPack of 10bags 0.025mm thin3pcs
Bag plastic, for waste 20L, White-50pcs
DVD rewritable 4.7GB10pcs
BINDER, plast.hard cover, 2 rings, 7cm, blueequivalent to KOKUYO f-RT660
A4 vertical blue
MAGNET SHEET, plain A4A4 box of 5 10pcs
FILING TRAY - LETTER TRAY,A4 plasticblack 16-1411pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A2)50pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A2) w/ magnet sheet10pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A3)50pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A4)100pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A4) w/ magnet sheet10pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A7)100pcs
STICKER Japanese RC Logo (A7) w/ magnet sheet10pcs
ENVELOPES C4, Japanese RC logo80pcs
ENVELOPES DL, Japanese RC logo150pcs
ENVELOPES DL, plainbox of 100 500pcs
STICKER IFRCIFRC specification30pcs
Goods Received Note IFRCIFRC specification50pcs
WayBill IFRCIFRC specification50pcs
Requisition Form IFRCIFRC specification100pcs
PALETTE TRUCK, >500kgfork distance: 25cm fork width: 15cm, fork length: 105cm, load bearing: 1500kg,1pcs
POLE, for fencing netΦ14 steel, 2 step type100pcs
REPAIR KIT, for fencing netΦ2mm×50m PE code 2pcs
BAND, for fencing netbox of 100, L 150mm nylon  1pcs
ROPE, 10mnylon rope for mountain climbing, approx 2mm diameter16pcs
ROPE, 8mnylon rope for mountain climbing, approx 2mm diameter20pcs
Tarpaulinflat sheet fabricated, 4x5m1pcs
Tarpaulinflat sheet fabricated, 4x5m5pcs
Fencing net, area boundarySN Net 1050(Sanei Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.)green 50M4pcs
IDENTIFICATION, small,7 piece each in English & Japanese14pcs
IDENTIFICATION, Large,5 piece each in English & Japanese10pcs
Electric saw1pcs
Electric gas pump1pcs
Electric mowerExternalφ230, Internalφ25.41pcs