One Emergency Clinic in Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital, One EC in a bonds warehouse in Singapore. Equipment of Emergency Hospital which require regular maintenance like medical equipment are in Japanese Red Cross Osaka Hospital, which don’t require regular maintenance are in the warehouse of the forwarder in Osaka, and power supplies are in Japanese Red Cross Nagoya daini Hospital.


Nippon Express (Logistics Transportation Branch)
One unit of Emergency Clinic (18t, 100m2) is here.
This bonded warehouse is adjacent to Changi International Airport. we can book charter plane easier in Singapore than Japan. When disaster happens, we dispatch 5t of BHC equipment first from this warehouse by using commercial flight.

The JRCS Aichi Disaster Management Center
 Equipment of elctricity like generators, distribution boards, cables, UPS are here. (10t, 29.2m2)
This center is adjacent to JRCS Nagoya Daini Hospital.

JRCS Osaka Hospital Logistics Center
 Medical consumables, or equipment that require regular check and maintenance are here.(3t, 40m2)
Consumables are rotated before their expiration date with those of Osaka Hospital.

Nippon Express Ibaraki Logistics Center
 Equipment of Emergency Hospital that don’t require regular maintenance like tents, beds, tables are here.(15.2t, 160m2)
This warehouse is close to the IC of Meishin Highway and has a good access to KIX.

JRCS Kumamoto Hospital
 One unit of Emergency Clinic(18t, 100m2) is in the warehouse that is located on the basement of Kumamoto Hospital. Equipment here is also available for domestic disster.